Mandana may be the most gifted healer I've ever met yet. The following brief example succinctly illustrates her elite diagnostic ability, energetic firepower and effectiveness:

In 2008, I had mysteriously developed some large, red rashes over parts of my body (which later turned out to be from heavy detoxing). Mandana remotely scanned me from across the country and was shocked to see what bad shape my liver was in. Although I don't even drink, it somehow appeared worse than a daily alcoholic's! So she immediately told me to start doing a liver flush, while she would start sending me energy when she got in her car for her next appointment that night… Well, shortly after she hung up, I distinctly felt a lot of "sparkly" energy raining down around me like a "Star Trek Transporter" at 9:13 PM – and just knew that it had to be from her. And sure enough, about a minute or 2 later, Mandana called me up from her car to tell me that she had indeed just worked on me and my liver had cleared up pretty fast. Of course, the real proof is in the pudding. So, here are some actual photos taken the night before her treatment and just 1 week after it, showing my subsequent dramatic improvement (after which I continued to recover fully). David H.
Mandana is A TRUE LIFE SUPPORT, an amazing woman gifted with accessing true, deep,miraculous healing. She is honest, clear & loyal; loyal to the truth.

She has saved my family in times of emergency and in times of stress, grief, and worry. All her gifts are incredible, harmonizing, informative and completely re-leaving and above all, done in the presence of The Light.It is an honor to witness this in my life and may her gift go global so many can also know the pleasure of miraculous energy of trans-formative help she brings. Maria
Mandana is a special gift to all those in need of and seeking healing. Whether by her physical touch or sensitive remote connection she evokes the incredible power of healing immediately and produces astounding positive healing effects on the recipient's body and spirit and mind.

Also, as a healer she is aware of all the modalities and tools to use for enhancing the effects of her healing session and to involve the recipient in them by her vast array of knowledge and information.

And so very very important her sincere generosity, kindliness and empathy for the person seeking healing is never ending.

A person who was very desperate and whose pain Mandana alleviated or whose serious illnesses Mandana helped to heal on many occasions. Luba T.