The main focus of Miracle Healing Light Center is to promote healing through energy, for those who wish to experience and accelerate the light of their own highest Healing potential, beyond the limitations of their physical, emotional and mental bodies.

Remote Energy Healing Sessions (Group):

For the purpose of making energy healing affordable and accessible to more people, Mandana is currently offering one Group Healing session per week.

These sessions are $45 and are offered every Monday evening from 8:45pm – 9:30pm (Pacific Time U.S.).

These sessions are one hour long each. Mandana will begin the session by remotely viewing the energy body of every participant, for the purpose of pinpointing the energy blocks of the body and mind. She will then proceed by remotely clearing the main mental and emotional blocks first (such as anger, hate, fear, resentment, anxiety, phobias, etc). Once that step is completed she will conclude the session by energetically clearing and tonifying all the main internal organs of every participant.

Must Read Instructions for Group Healing Participants:

Start the preparations for your group session at least five minutes before your appointment time. The steps are as follows:

  • Wear comfortable clothing.
  • Place two glasses of water (8 oz. each) near you at arm’s reach.
  • Sit in a comfortable position with your spine as straight as possible. We recommend that you refrain from lying down. Because there is a strong possibility that you would fall sleep, and not complete the important final step.
  • Drink your first glass of water immediately at the beginning of your session.
  • Sit back and relax your body and mind with deep and slow breathing. Your eyes may be open. And you may even talk or walk around if necessary. The goal however, is to be relaxed (as little mental and physical activity as possible), and open to receive.
  • It’s important to be willing to consciously release emotions of hate and resentment as much as possible and make an effort to replace them with emotions of love and forgiveness. It’s the willingness that counts.
  • After 45 minutes you may drink your second glass of water, and relax for another 15 minutes to end your session.

What you may feel during the session varies from person to person. Many will feel very light and relaxed. Some will feel hot or cold. Some may itch in parts of the body. Some may cry or laugh. You may also yawn frequently and feel very sleepy. All of this is normal. It is also normal to have no physical sensations for the first few sessions.

IMPORTANT: Your session will take place on the very NEXT Monday evening at 8:45 Pacific time. (If you are purchasing on a Monday, your session will be tonight!)

Book a Session ($45)