I understand that Mandana Shirazi is not a medical doctor. I further understand that “Healing Energy Transmission” is not a medical procedure, and it is not intended to replace a medical treatment or advice. I further understand that consulting a medical doctor before seeking and receiving any of the services of Miracle Healing Light Center, including “Energy Healing Transmission”, is suggested.

I acknowledge that there are no guarantees or warranties in any of the services and information that Miracle healing Light Center and Mandana Shirazi provide. Miracle Healing Light Center and Mandana Shirazi disclaim any liabilities, injuries, or damages that may occur, directly or indirectly, from any and all services rendered. I further acknowledge that Energy Healing Transmission, is an alternative and complimentary service to healing arts, and it is not considered a licensed procedure, by the State of California.

I hereby acknowledge that I am able to read and fully understand the above disclaimer as it’s written in English.