The main focus of Miracle Healing Light Center is to promote healing through energy, for those who wish to experience and accelerate the light of their own highest Healing potential, beyond the limitations of their physical, emotional and mental bodies.

Remote Energy Healing Session (One on One):

You may write a request for a remote one-on-one session with Mandana, after completing at least six group sessions, and only if they have proven to be beneficial to you. These sessions are $360 for one hour and $180 for half an hour. Mandana reserves the right to refuse a one on one session, at any time and for any reason.

The first “One on One” sessions is one hour long. Repeat sessions however can be either one hour or half an hour long. “One on One” sessions, are very similar to the group sessions that you have already participated in. The only difference is that the energy transmissions are customized and focused entirely on one person.

One on One Session
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