IMG_2755_Mandana Shirazi was born as the last successor to an old lineage of energy healers. Her grandmother was a prominent energy healer and medical intuitive, as was her great-grandmother, and her family lineage of healers began long before that. Although she had developed a passion for “Healing Light Transmission”, during the time her grandmother was still receiving patients from faraway cities, she did not come to fully embrace and acknowledge her abilities until her friends, clients and teachers undeniably noticed her gift, and strongly encouraged her to continue practicing.

During this period, she was also fortunate enough to study with great spiritual teachers such as Yuan Miao (founder of The Yoga of Joy and author of, “Dancing on the Rooftops with Dragons”), who upon meeting her for the first time, pointed to the sky (meaning the heavens), and told her that she was “chosen” to be a healer. A couple of years later, Lama Ngakpha Dorje (Max Christensen), author and founder of Kunlun Nei Gung system, pointed out to her that she has an over-abundance of energy and that the light in her auric field extends out to 25 feet in each direction (as opposed to the standard 4 feet human auric field). Another teacher/mentor, “Dr. Peebles”(channeled by Natalie Gianelli), told Mandana that she would soon become aware of her role in life as a “Light House,” and that she is in direct energetic connection with Kwan Yin (Goddess of compassion).

healing02Although Mandana has extensively studied and researched many energy-healing modalities such as medical Qi-Gong, NRT, EFT, Theta Healing, Pranic Healing, etc.; her natural abilities to remotely view (scan), locate, and remove the energy obstructions that block the healthy flow of life-force energy throughout the physical and emotional bodies of her clients, have spontaneously guided her to develop her own modalities of “Healing Energy Transmissions”. One the most popular of such modalities is her “Emotional Re-alignment Technique” (“ERT”). Mandana believes that “ERT” and other “healing energy transmission” modalities that she uses, are directed and guided by the wisdom and intelligence of the energies that she is privileged to work with. ERT is designed to address both the cause (past), and the effect (present), of the energy obstructions and imbalances that adversely affect the body and the mind.

Following the suggestion of her mentors, Mandana is currently offering weekly sessions of Remote Healing Transmissions, Global Prayer Circle, as well as a weekly blog about “A Meditator’s Journey”, to her clients and readers.

Drawing from her experience as a writer (Mandana is a published writer who once wrote and produced, in the field of television programming for children), Mandana is currently working on a book about energy manifestation and healing. Her book is titled: Energy Evolution, and the “Let Go to Let In Technique” (You can read about the book in publications).