Energy Healing Workshops

Mandana is currently offering Group Healing Workshops in Los Angeles. If you are interested in attending our workshops, please contact us here.


Mandana Shirazi

Remote Energy Healing Sessions (Group):

For the purpose of making energy healing affordable and accessible to more people, Mandana Shirazi is currently offering one Group Healing session per week.

These sessions are $45 and are offered every Monday evening from 8:45pm – 9:30pm (Pacific Time U.S.).


One of our recent clients talks about her son's progress after just one session with Mandana!

Global Healing Prayer Circle:

Once you place your name on our prayer list, Mandana and the volunteers of Miracle Healing Light Center will pray for your health and overall wellbeing, for 21 days in a row. This service is free of charge.

Remote Energy Healing Session (One on One):

You may write a request for a remote one-on-one session with Mandana Shirazi after completing at least six group sessions. In our opinion, this is the most effective way to transition to a one-on-one session. One-on-one sessions are $360 for one hour and $180 for half an hour. Mandana reserves the right to refuse a one on one session, at any time and for any reason.