What Medical “Qigong” Means To Me

The ancient Chinese practice of Qigong, in some traditions, is considered a form of martial arts that focuses on developing qi or “life force” mastery. Qigong is often sought after, initially for the purposes of cultivating more energy, preserving one’s innate life force energy, as well as developing and gaining greater access to one’s own physical, mental and spiritual prowess.

Qigong in my experience revives and activates, one’s often dormant, “Energy Body”. Many believe that human beings, poses two bodies. One is dense and three dimensional, and the other is energy based, multi-dimensional and ever lasting. However, most of us have long forgotten the use and awareness of our “energy bodies”, mainly due to the excessive demands and distractions of the physical world on our minds and our five physical senses.

As mentioned earlier, the practice of qigong has many purposes, one of which is the practice of “Medical Qigong”. Medical Qigong is a specialized form of Qigong that uses the same principals, with the focus mainly placed on the healing properties and therapeutic purposes of energy cultivation.

I don’t know who invented the practice of Qigong thousand of years ago. However, I dare to guess that this ancient practice was developed long ago when the “energy body” was not yet fully dormant, and as in my own personal experience such teachings or practices, are some of the basic functions of the “energy body”, and therefore is developed spontaneously and naturally, as our “energy bodies” see fit. I was practicing spontaneous energy work, long before I became aware of this knowledge. That’s when I started taking medical qigong classes and to my amazement, it was near identical to my own spontaneous energy work.